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When playing Slammers, you better bring it!

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In the competitive world, it ain't so bad to be resented. Just ask Manchester United, the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Lakers how it's working out for them.


A healthy amount of on-field dislike is what makes great rivalries and sets successful teams apart from the pack.


In our new series, Hate Club, we've set out to identify those special clubs as we examine the groups who evoke the strongest dislike from their competition.


Slammers FCOver the next few months, we'll scour through our 16 regions in each gender while probing the top players on their least favorite clubs.


Today, we round out our look at Southern California with the girls. (Last week, we brought you the SoCal Boys).


And the winner is:



Skinny: This successful club has a lot to envy. For one, it's a club stacked with top talent that's virtually a lock to find itself in the postseason mix. Then there's geography: the Slammers are located in Orange County, a region known for its affluence. None other than Mia Hamm has lent her services and mentorship to the club, no doubt adding to the club's outside reputation for glitz and glamour.


Data: 18 percent of the Southern California girls polled selected the Slammers in a very close vote.


Anonymous quotables:

"At a game during national cup, they didn't have to win in order to advance (and it showed in their play)."

"We dislike them, but of course we respect them too - we always know that when we play them we have to bring it because we know they will too."


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